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BMW Reference Series Coilovers - 6K/12K - New for July 2018


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NEW for July 2018

All of the internal damper components have been updated to higher quality/performance components imported from US and EU.  All of the aluminium mounts/collars are made in the UK now.  The new dampers are all custom-valved in our new purpose built facility in HK


  • Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Front Upper Mounts
  • - Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Upper Mounts are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Rear Upper Mounts (Where Applicable)
  • - Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Upper Mounts are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance
  • High-Tensile Carbon Steel Front Camber & Caster Plate with Anti-Slip Coating
  • - CNC-Machined High-Tensile Carbon Steel supports more load than lesser-quality mounts 
    - Camber Angles can be adjusted precisely to your driving needs (MacPherson) 
    - Caster Angles can also be fine tuned (MacPherson)
  • Oversized PTFE-Lined Japanese Spherical Upper Mount Bushing
  • - Increases shock articulation and prevents coil-bowing 
    - Higher load rating for increased durability 
    - Minimises knocking noise associated with lesser-quality bearings
  • Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Upper Spring Perch with Sealed Japanese Radial Bearing
  • - Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Upper Spring Perches are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance 
    - High Quality Sealed Japanese Radial Bearing removes rotational stress from the upper mount and is sealed from the elements
  • 65mm ID Cold-Wound Japanese HS5.TW Steel Linear Springs from SWIFT
  • - Made in Japan by Tohatsu Spring Company, SWIFT Springs are made from the highest quality Japanese-grade spring steel, using proprietary manufacturing processes. These are the #1 Performance Coilover Spring on the market, providing an industry leading +/- 3% deviance from rated load over the entire stroke, and are backed by SWIFT's Lifetime Warranty against Spring Sag 
    - Not all springs are manufactured the same. Lesser-quality, Taiwanese-manufactured springs offer inferior performance and durability 
    - Although more expensive, we believe the increase in performance more than offsets the marginal increase in manufacturing costs
  • OEM-Balanced Spring Rates
  • - The majority of budget coilovers currently on the market offer default spring rates that deviate from the oem-balanced spring rates 
    - By not accounting for Motion Ratio Calculations and just replicating race-car setups, this results in a very unbalanced and uncomfortable ride on a Street Car 
    - All Reference Series Coilovers are supplied with oem-balanced spring rates, offering you increased performance without sacrificing ride comfort
  • 52mm OD Cold-Drawn Japanese SAE 1020 Seamless Carbon Steel Shock Body
  • - Offers superior physical properties and strength-to-weight ratio over lesser manufacturing processes
  • Black-Zinc Plated Fully-Threaded Shock Body with 250hrs of Salt-Spray Testing
  • - Offers superior corrosion-resistance 
    - All coilovers include a Salt-Spray Test Certificate
  • Forged SAE 4140 Chromoly Steel Piston Rod
  • - Monotube shocks, although offering increased performance over Twintube shocks, have an inherent weakness; a load-bearing Piston Rod 
    - Our over-engineered solution to the problem, with only a marginal increase in manufacturing costs, is our proprietary Chromoly Steel Piston Rod. We are the only company to manufacture this type of Piston Rod, and is currently used by several high-end European brands under a "transfer-of-technology" agreement 
    - Offering a substantial increase in tensile strength over lesser-quality rods, not only does this keep costs down, it significantly increases product safety 
    - All dampers are QC sealed with batch number and date/time of assembly
  • Ceramic Piston Rod Guide
  • - A common issue with the majority of budget coilovers currently on the market is performance-sapping deflection, shaft-play and friction, even after only limited usage 
    - Through the innovative use of our "transfer-of-technology" agreement, our advanced Piston Rod Guide, which is also used in higher-end Ferraris, significantly minimises deflection, shaft-play and friction, allowing you to reap the performance benefits for a longer period of time
  • 7-Level Rebound Adjustment
  • - Our Reference Series Coilovers allow 7 levels of Rebound Adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune your vehicle comfort and handling 
    - Unlike the majority of budget coilovers currently on the market, with their 30+ Level simultaneous Compression/Rebound Adjustments, you can physically feel the difference between each adjustment, and without affecting your dampers Compression characteristics 
    - In this particular case, more is not better; it's simply an inconvenience and setup-nightmare
  • 44mm OD Forged 7075-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Double-Digressive-Blow-Off DBO Piston™
  • - Through the innovative use of our "transfer-of-technology" agreement, our DBO Piston™ is over-engineered for superior strength, with anti-stiction and anti-friction properties 
    - At lower shock speeds (Cornering), our DBO Piston™ maintains a higher damping force, offering increased responsiveness and stability 
    - At higher shock speeds (Bumps), our DBO Piston™ maintains a lower damping force, offering increased comfort and control 
    - All coilovers include a custom shock dyno graph
  • Silkolene PRO RSF VI-460 Damper Oil
  • - A proprietary formula providing consistent damping over a wide temperature range and superior anti-stiction/anti-friction properties. This is one of the best, if not the best, damper fluids on the market, as used by several high-end European brands
  • Viton Performance O-Rings
  • - Upgraded O-Rings offering better performance and durability than lesser-quality Rubber O-Rings
  • Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Lower Spring Perch Locking Collar
  • - Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Locking Collars are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance 
    - 1pc Locking Collars, providing secure and hassle-free adjustments
  • Fully-Threaded Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised or High-Tensile Carbon Steel Lower Mount
  • - Threaded Lower Mounts allows us to use a longer shock body for increased performance 
    - Shock Stroke is unaffected by Ride Height changes 
    - Allows an increased Height Adjustment range
  • Silicone Lower Mount End Caps (Application Dependant)
  • - High Quality Weather-Proof End Caps for MacPherson lower mounts, preventing water and dirt from entering the the lower shock body
  • Weather-proof Neoprene Shock Covers
  • - High Quality Weather-Proof Shock Covers, preventing water and dirt from clogging up the shock assembly
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • - Our Reference Series Coilovers are fully rebuildable, with spare parts always in stock and available for purchase directly from one of our local service facilities


Due to the nature of For Race Use Only products, YCW Engineering Ltd will provide a limited lifetime warranty on all Hard Parts and a limited 1 year warranty on all Wear Parts to be free of defects in materials and workmanship upon receipt of product and time of professional installation. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer/installer to verify the suitability for installation. Parts returned must be determined by YCW Engineering Ltd to be defective before any warranty credit or replacement is issued

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