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N54 Stage 2+ Hybrid (fits all N54 models LHD &RHD)


Product CodeN54YKTC924
ManufacturerVargas Turbocharger Technologies (VTT)
Stock Level15

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WHP Level supported (with proper fuel, upgrades, and tuning) Stock-700WHP

We are proud to introduce the latest in our line of N54 turbocharger products the VTT Stage 2+ hybrid turbochargers. We take our already robust stage 2 design utilizing all its ground breaking features, and machine the compressor housing to take the highest flowing wheels in the TD04 family to provide the ultimate in N54 stock frame power potential. There is no another stock frame turbo option on the market that can match the power or reliability of our stage 2+ turbos!

TD04 upgraded thrust: Every set of stage 2+ turbos comes with a performance TD04 upgraded thrust to extend the life of the turbochargers. The stock thrust system has shown to be prone to failure and upgraded thrust parts were created to remedy this. The upgraded thrust option consists of an Upgraded thrust bearing, and a 30% increase in surface area on all complimenting thrust pieces.

VTT Billet compressor wheel choice: Take your pick of either an amazing 19T or 20T billet compressor wheel. These are fully forged billet wheels, utilizing the ultra-efficient 6x6 wheel design as well as extended tip technology to increase airflow into the 600+ WHP range. This also helps the turbos work less hard to make the same power, meaning you can make big power and not sacrifice reliability. Price includes 19T, +$100 for 20T. Please select from the drop down below

Clipped turbine wheel option: Add a 15 degree clip to our already free flowing 9 blade garrett turbine wheels, this will give you the added flow you need to get the most power possible out of your stock frame N54. +$200. Please select from the drop down below

VTT Shotgun HPFP upgrade bundle: For those of you wanting to really step your N54 game up, the VTT shotgun HPFP upgrade will allow you to run 100% E85 with no HPFP pressure loss enabling your to make maximum power and do so while filling up at the pump. The single barrel pump will support between 500-550WHP while running 100% E85. For Stage 2 kits running 100% E85, we really recommend the Double Barrel kit to give your fuel system some headroom. Please select from the drop down below

(Please specify vehicle model when ordering.) (Price is for both turbos)

(every set of 335LHD turbos comes with our rear intake bracket to keep that poorly designed rear tube in place.)

We also always recommend upgrading your PCV valve at the time of turbo upgrade or replacement, as the stock valve can be worn. This means it can stop functioning to its full potential, causing oiling issues with your BMW. This upgraded valve not only replaces the worn stock valve it is also much stronger and will help eliminate any future PCV issues.

Every set of VTT turbochargers comes with a 1 year limited warranty. Please read our Warranty / Emissions Disclaimer when checking out for more details.

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